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This morning I’m trying to get out of the Monday morning rut and remember that each moment is powerful. We are so fortunate to be relational beings, designed to live in the same kind of community in which the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have always existed.

It’s beautiful and messy – rarely black and white or as simple as this quote. It isn’t based in politics or policy. It isn’t bound by laws or tracked by votes. It’s not grand, but it might be the biggest world changer we have.

Let us not forget that amidst the day to day grind, the news stories or the Facebook statuses. Let us not forget to live with those around us and the power of living for one person at a time. That’s the intentional community we need; that’s the intentional community in which God calls us.

It’s never been about the politics, the very kingship God desired His kingdom avoid since the very beginning. It’s always been about Him, His people, and simply living in a way that is most loving.

In relationships, each vote counts. It’s a one-to-one measure of caring. Never doubt that you matter and have impact on this world.

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We are Haley and James Earley, a family of two established on October 11, 2014 in our hometown of Rochester, MN and now living in St. Paul, MN. We are dog-lovers, coffee addicts, tree-huggers, balance-seekers, community-livers, and new foster parents. We live in a house of three adults, three dogs, and our sweet foster kiddos. We desire to slow down in this fast-paced world in order to pursue intentional community as we seek after the heart of God. We're just one couple trying to figure out this whole living life thing.

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