Modern day idols

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Pinterest might be my biggest weakness. Instagram and Facebook are close seconds. Distraction overall is an issue for me, and I’m betting I’m not alone. In some respects, we need a little distraction to inspire creativity and make connections that we wouldn’t otherwise make, but most of the time that’s just an excuse.

So, even though I vowed at the beginning of the month to read instead of research, I’m continually distracted and spending time scrolling the inter webs.

Today I found myself admiring, once again, Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper. I discovered their website for all things Magnolia. It’s beautiful, and they have found success. Here’s the issue though: success did not come easily. They have tried many other things before getting to where they are and gaining a following.

As I dug through, instead of desiring exactly what they have (okay, I did a little bit…), I found myself hopeful for what God has planned for our future. We will have our own unique ups and downs, and right now we’re in a massive place of uncertainty with where our life will take us, but God gave me the assurance that His plan is good.

And when I read into Lamentations this afternoon, I thought again of God’s plans for us, as a family, a city, a state, a country, and a world. I couldn’t help but read through chapters 1 & 2 with the certainty that history repeats itself. Destruction is inevitable. Brokenness is present. But so is God and His ever-present glory.

We continue to put our trust in modern day idols. Whether it’s the envy of Pinterest and Facebook, the perception of someone else’s perfect life, or even the hope that a president could save our country – we are being fooled.

Only God can restore the world to what it once was.

Why do we place our trust in the things of this world instead of the Creator? Satan has us distracted. He has us talking and complaining instead of praying. He has us idolizing others instead of relying on God to use us to our full potential.

We’re being held back by the grip of these modern day idols.

It’s not a golden calf. It’s not even our phones. It’s our ideas and our ideals, which are continually being shaped by things rather than by God.

Which leads me to think that our relationships, too, are being built on ideals instead of on God. We avoid awkwardness. We seek Instagram worthy friendships. We desire the perfect story. We pursue our wants instead of God’s.

Yet it is in God Himself that we will find the best stories ever to be told. It starts with Him, it likely involves awkwardness and struggle, and it always involves a heart of love and reconciliation.

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We are Haley and James Earley, a family of two established on October 11, 2014 in our hometown of Rochester, MN and now living in St. Paul, MN. We are dog-lovers, coffee addicts, tree-huggers, balance-seekers, community-livers, and new foster parents. We live in a house of three adults, three dogs, and our sweet foster kiddos. We desire to slow down in this fast-paced world in order to pursue intentional community as we seek after the heart of God. We're just one couple trying to figure out this whole living life thing.

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