We’re match eligible!

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Ya’ll. It’s happening! Our home study is completed, our adoption profile is ordered, and we are officially match eligible!

As we get closer and closer to finding our match, there’s a few ways we could really use your help in the coming days, weeks, months:

  1. Prayers! We trust that God is creating a beautiful family for us through adoption even now. We feel God calling us to multiples or a sibling group, which is much less common, but we know that God sees the children for us even now.
  2. Monetary donations: Ensuring an ethical adoption is pricey, and worth it. On top of the medical and legal costs, we’ll have travel expenses, housing costs, meals, and potential car rental while we’re staying for 1-2 weeks in the birth state.
  3. Got some extra flight miles? We may need a flight to wherever our wee one/s will be born. Sometimes we’ll know months in advance, other times children are already born and we need to fly out on a dime. Uffda $$$
  4. Expected needs: Once we’re caring for our kid/s, we’ll definitely need lots of diapers, wipes, and formula/donor milk! Would you consider purchasing some items for us or giving us a gift card for these needs? Thanks to foster care, we’re already prepared with clothing, carseats, cribs, and the like. The ongoing care needs are what we’ll need most of all.
  5. Let’s hang out! As we’re in this season of waiting, I suspect the moments will feel even longer. What better way to pass the time than with our wonderful, supportive community!?
  6. T-shirt Fundraiser: Tees and tanks are available for purchase for the next two weeks and will ship early January. Thanks for supporting us as we await our biggest adventure yet!
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We are Haley and James Earley, a family of two established on October 11, 2014 in our hometown of Rochester, MN and now living in St. Paul, MN. We are dog-lovers, coffee addicts, tree-huggers, balance-seekers, community-livers, and new foster parents. We live in a house of three adults, three dogs, and our sweet foster kiddos. We desire to slow down in this fast-paced world in order to pursue intentional community as we seek after the heart of God. We're just one couple trying to figure out this whole living life thing.

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