EarleyBirds.com is a lifestyle blog documenting our attempts to live an intentional, socially conscious life.

Our motto, the early bird shares the worm, is an intentional play on words from the common phrase, the early bird gets the worm. The word ‘gets’ implies that all we need is hard work and a willingness to rise with the sun in order to succeed in life.

Our personal experiences and interactions have shown otherwise, calling attention to our own privileges – the majority of which stem from unearned advantages due to where we were born, what we look like, and how our parents were able to raise us.

We are grateful for what we have, and we also recognize that not everyone has access to the same things. We want share what we have and grow our experiences in how others have lives much different than our own. We want to build authentic community rooted in the commonality of our humanness rather than the commonality of our class, race, education…the list could go on.

In this, our heart is continually to serve: to serve God and to serve our neighbor. This is our journey.

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