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As we look at saying goodbye to our foster kiddos, I look back and remember the mantras we’ve developed over the last few months. “You are smart, you are kind, you are brave.” “Whose actions can you control?” “Violence is never okay.” “It’s okay to […]

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A state of missing

It’s Mother’s Day weekend. And it’s bittersweet for us. Last night at about 1AM, I was finally able to process some of what I’ve been feeling about our foster kids going home. I decided I needed to speak the things I had written. After I […]

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Our hearts grew threefold

Since December, our home has changed a bit. A few weeks after being licensed for foster care we received a call asking if we’d be willing to stretch our age range to take a group of three kiddos. We took the weekend to pray and discern […]

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I am theirs and they are mine

Our kids aren’t really “ours,” you know? We’re foster parents, and the kids will very likely return to their family of origin at some undefined point in time. We don’t get to keep them. I’m not their dad. But when the toddler screams “Dada!” in […]

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A long awaited update!

(*Before you freak out, the above photo is of James holding a friend’s newborn. We do not have a baby…yet! Read on to learn more.) We’ve been absent from this little corner of the web these past 10 months because we’ve been in a huge […]


Marriage: a podcast

Going into this conversation on marriage, we knew that we did things differently from each other. Sure, this could apply to how we do or do not fit into stereotypical gender roles, such as Haley preferring dishes over cooking, while James is happy to cook. But […]

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The weight of waiting

Written for Awaken Community‘s Advent Art series, read Nov. 27, 2016 Mary was waiting I’m sure she had thought about having children – likely she even anticipated what it would be like to experience pregnancy. She dreamt of marrying Joseph, then having kids. She dreamt of […]

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