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Adoption is Waiting…

First you wait for your home study. You wait for background checks. You wait for your profile book. You wait to become match-eligible. Then you wait for opportunities to present your profile to expectant parents. Every time we present our profile to an expectant parent/s, […]

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Baby Registry Recommendations

As we anticipate our upcoming adoption, we’ve been preparing our home and compiling a list of needs for our future child or children. We currently anticipate a newborn, though an older child or sibling group are also a possibility and something we would be very […]


Thanks for your support!

So, we’re fundraising, which is one of our least favorite thing to do. Nonetheless, here we are, and instead of focusing on asking folks for money, I try to remember the kiddos out there that need adoption and the families that might not consider it […]

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Funding our Adoption

So, I’ve already explained the costs that go into adopting, but how in the world does anyone afford it? Here’s how we are funding our adoption >>> Savings Pretty self explanatory, huh? We’ve been able to use some of our current savings and adjust our […]

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The Cost of Adoption

Adoption is costly. I didn’t know a whole lot about what went into the cost of adoption before we began pursuing it ourselves. The extent of my knowledge on the subject went back to a college sociology textbook that showed a huge cost difference between […]

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We’re match eligible!

Ya’ll. It’s happening! Our home study is completed, our adoption profile is ordered, and we are officially match eligible! As we get closer and closer to finding our match, there’s a few ways we could really use your help in the coming days, weeks, months: Prayers! […]

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We’re Adopting!

“Let’s adopt.”A couple of months into dating and we were already dreaming about a future together. We were talking about getting married, where we would work, whether we wanted pets, and how we wanted our family to look. James shared with Haley that he’d been […]

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Through the eyes of others

It’s easy to doubt, to feel self-conscious and inadequate, and thus to squelch the talents we have. It’s the ever-present desire of the enemy to do just that: repress your gifts. And lately, that temptation has been strong as daily interactions cause me to doubt […]

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Remaining relational

In the midst of politics, it’s so easy to become wrapped up in policy and personality. It’s a struggle to balance my role, how to have calm conversations, and when to step back. It’s difficult to trust that even our government is in God’s hands. […]

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Looking back: Our wedding day

It’s been two years since that brisk autumn day where all our preparations led to one marriage certificate. Thinking back, there are some things that we would highly encourage, and many that we’d stray from. Here’s a bit of a rundown. What we loved: Keep […]

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Given or taken, let it be

Luke 6:30 has me thinking. I mean, rethinking. When I (Haley) started working at the Rochester Salvation Army in 2014, it was right before the peak of local discussions on panhandlers. Everyone has their own approach on how to handle people soliciting money. Perhaps the […]

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